Bibliography tool beta release 0.223


This tool provides browsing, as well as inserting into, the ESS bibliography database.

Browsing data

Should you wish to check usage of certain topics, modules, rounds, or even items, you can do so in the "Browse" section. You can also filter by journal name, journal field, author's affiliation, or even their names.

Item search

Is just a sample of what could also be done with this tool - one could search by any parameter, get detailed data about it - and see all the bibliographic entries that are related to the given parameter.

Exporting database into spreadsheet

Data can be exported into a spreadsheet format (i.e. "Excel") in both browse and "item search" sections by pressing button above the list of items.

Inserting data

To make data quality as good as possible while also making entries easier, one should provide DOI - most of the fields will be populated automatically upon entering a correct one.
Please note that all entries will be revirewed by the team before appearing online.

Bugs and feature requests

This application is work in progress and will evolve according to user feedback. Please report bugs and feature requests to May Doušak.